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Aren’t you tired of having to log in and open two, three, or even four different apps/dapps and swipe back n’ forth copying and pasting your VeChain wallet address? We’ve been there plenty of times! 😫👎

We are so pumped to announce our new custom designed VeChain QR code stickers! 🤓👍

Intricately custom design of each and every VeChain ($VET) QR code sticker order to assure that it looks amazing and test it for 100% easy scan-ability.

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We’re solving this VeChain wallet address juggling problem for good! Say no more to all of that hassle for good with these all new custom designed and stylish VeChain QR Code stickers. 🤩☝️

It is literally THE EASIEST with these QR code stickers.

Almost every VeChain address field out there on the web has a QR fast scan option. So order your VeChain QR code stickers and see just how convenient they are.

That’s what these QR Codes are all about…. convenience!

These VeChain stickers are printed on durable, high opacity adhesive vinyl which makes them perfect for sticking in convenient places to instantly pull up your VeChain ($VET) address. Each VeChain QR Code sticker is custom made on high-quality vinyl to ensure there’s no bubbles when applying.

About these VeChain QR Code Stickers

  1. VeChain ($VET) QR Stickers are custom designed with a high opacity film that’s tough to see through
  2. Easy bubble-free application of your VeChain QR Sticker
  3. Durable vinyl VeChain QR Sticker, perfect for indoor use, and cold storage.
  4. 95µ density VeChain QR stickers

These VeChain QR Stickers are:

  • High quality state-of-the-art QR Code design
  • Custom designed QR Sticker with VeChain branding
  • Designed on a white background, with VeChain icons and blues
  • Also available as custom animated QR code gifs

Don’t forget to clean the surface before applying your VeChain QR code stickers.

More information about these VeChain QR stickers:

How frustrating of an experience is it every time you need to enter your VeChain wallet address into somewhere?

Well not anymore…

All of that hassle will be gone for good with these stylish custom designed VeChain QR code stickers.

Stick or leave your VeChain QR wallet sticker somewhere that’s quick and easy to scan whenever you need to. Let’s say somewhere near the desk. Or you could even stick it to your car and ask for tips on your driving. 😁👍

We are tired of seeing piles of random QR codes wallets printed out all over the desk getting confused!

We custom design each and every one of these VeChain QR Codes and test them to assure they work before delivering to you.

VeChain Cold Storage Wallet

For those of you that want additional security and place their $VET into cold storage. Look no further. These VeChain QR Code Stickers also act as your perfect cold storage VeChain paper wallet. Well technically, it’s your Cold Storage VeChain Vinyl Sticker Wallet.🥶

  1. Simply create a new VeChain wallet address that has never been used before.
  2. Order a VeChain wallet sticker.
  3. Lock it in a vault, safety deposit box or somewhere really safe for the long hodl.

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About VeChain:
“Built on top of the VeChainThor public blockchain, the VeChain ecosystem provides the best resources to anyone who wants to solve real world economic problems and create value with the blockchain technology.”

Order your VeChain QR code sticker today.

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